The Truth About Underfloor Heating

The kind of heating that people can install under the floor, so that the floor itself warms up and begins emitting heat, is known as underfloor heating. In many countries that experience severe winters, this type of heating happens to be quite popular. In countries like these, where the residents need constant and even heating while they are indoors, underfloor heating is ideal.

When it comes to the underfloor heating, there are two main types available that homeowners can choose from. Those who are in search of an inexpensive alternative and want to avoid the hassle of installation can go for electric underfloor systems. These types of systems heat the floor through electrical cables that are placed beneath the floor of a house. A whole room therefore Dublin Insulation receives heat that the floor is emitting.

Underfloor systems are also available in the water based type where water pipes are embedded into the floor and are connected to a boiler. Therefore the floor and eventually the room are heated up by the hot water that passes through the pipes.

Depending on the kind of floors that are present in a house, these kind of systems must be modified accordingly. Since the system mainly has to be placed underneath the floor, therefore installing these systems can turn out to be difficult if a house has solid flooring. In the case of a wet system, homeowners must also keep in mind that they height of their floor might increase by several inches to accommodate the pipes and the screed in which they are installed. Electrical systems are easier to retrofit, and will only increase the floor height by a few millimetres.

This kind of system can only prove to be truly beneficial as long as the house is also properly insulated as well. Proper insulation will help in trapping the heat emitted within the room. Since less energy will be consumed this way, homeowners will be able to avoid paying hefty heating bills. To ensure that underfloor heating performs efficiently and cost effectively homeowners should insulate walls, floors and the windows of their house.

For many people it is worth buying an underfloor heating system since they are so beneficial. Even in the chilliest weathers, the residents of a house should be able to spend comfortable time indoors thanks to the heat emitted from beneath the floor. As mentioned, with the right insulation they can even prove to be quite energy efficient too, so home owners do not have to spend much heating their homes. They are simply quite an exceptional alternative to typical household heating.


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